Freshers Fun: A short, funny, and a tad embarrassing summary of my year

Okay so today is my first day of summer and it is sad to say my first year at uni is now over. These last 9 months have gone faster than ever. I clearly remember sitting on my bed back home and thinking finally all my stuff is packed.


I remember pulling up outside my new accommodation like it was yesterday. I really cant believe that the year has gone so fast. Whilst it has been one of the best years if my life it has been one of the most interesting and valuable life lessons I could ever have.


Well let me put it plain and simple, I have lived in a box for the last 9 months. Whilst it has been hell, I have recently come to find peace and serenity in my prison cell like room.


oh and there’s also the fact I had to share a bathroom and kitchen with four strangers and keeping it clean can be a pain. With inspections every other week, allocating jobs became a difficult task with a lot of miscommunication. However we got there in the end and I was allocated the bathrooms. Of course. *eye roll *


“I miss my mummy”

I will not lie to you and say I didn’t get home sick. I thought i was the type of person who would love living away from home and enjoy every minute away from my parents but let me tell you, this year has been the first year I have truly valued my parents. One tip I would give to everyone who goes to uni, is to make a collage of all your friends and family back home, not only does it keep your homesickness at bay, it reminds you of who you are. I surrounded it with leaflets for nights out I had been on. Heres mine:


I missed my bed SOOOO MUCH! Oh my gosh! Every time I went home it was like I was reunited with my best friend. Oh and there’s that too, missing my friends. Going to a new place and not knowing anyone can be hard, but it is then you truly find out who your real friends are, the ones who make the miles in-between you seem non existent.


It can be hard at times but you also make new friends.

No New Friends…no no no

Canterbury did not make it easy or comfortable to make new friends at uni. I wont lie they did try, on the first day we were given t-shirts that looked like this:


And we were told to mingle. Yep that didn’t go very well and it was just an all round awkward night. However I did meet some amazing people and make some great friends throughout the course of the year.


The Uni Workload

If you decide university is the place for you, PLEASE make sure that you are doing a course you will enjoy because trust me the work load is going to hit you like a tonne of bricks and it will be hard and those deadlines are no joke, so you better prepare yourself for it. Oh and there’s exams. You will find a spot in the library and you will go there everyday and it will become your home till exams are over. You will spend some long and ruthless nights in the library trying to finish a past paper till 3 am. So prepare your self as I did.


Students are peasants

Okay so each year at university cost 9 thousand great british sterling pounds. However you also get maintenance loan, which is supposedly meant to allow you to live. I’m just going to let you know, it is the most pathetic loan you could ask for. I barely survived off my student loan. So don’t expect to be out buying nice fancy new clothes because you wont be able to. Even if you do, the pathetic washing machine/dryer the university gives you will shrink it right up.


However no matter how broke you are always stunt for Snapchat and Insta. Hehe


Food glorious food

As I said before, money is tight so food is a good place to save some money, if you want a night out at the end of the week. But theres a limit. There has been times where I have had a stash of food to die for and cooked meals like a pro.

IMG_1069 IMG_6966

And there has been over times where I have had to struggle and live the thug life, when the cupboard is empty:

IMG_0941 IMG_1068

(Yep that is Mac and cheese with a sausage roll for dinner. Don’t judge me)

However one good thing about university is you can control your diet and you can focus of exercise and health a lot more. Signing up for the gym has been one of the best decisions I have made this last year.


A big part of uni is the nightlife and of course that is sometimes a main reason people enjoy university and I must say I have learnt my drinking limits and let me tell you it hasn’t always been the easy way. £1 Jagerbombs have been the number one cause of me stumbling home at 3 am. As such:


But yes going out can be a lot of fun but always make sure you drink with caution and ladies keep an eye on your drink because not all men just want a quick grind 😉 None the less have fun, dance all night, even in the disgusting toilets.



The best part of university is finding out who you are, it sounds silly, but after 19 years I still wasn’t quite sure, what I wanted in life and how to get it. I still don’t really know but I’m secure in the fact I’m on the path of finding out. At uni I have learnt a new things about myself everyday even if it’s a little thing like I enjoy washing up a lot more when I listen to DJ Kenny allstars bashment mixes. Or it can be a big thing like my most effective way to revise it to write perfected essays and learn them off by heart. Either way I have learnt a lot about myself and I have pushed myself above and beyond all the limits I thought I had. And so now I love dancing in my room alone and spending time with myself.


So thank you so much Canterbury for an amazing year, cant wait to start my Second year journey in September.


Instant Generation


The other day I had the pleasure of having one of those long girly chats with my sister and we talked about everything but something she said to me really stood out.

We talked about being single, when the people around us are all loved up, and how we look on social media at everyone else’s lives and feel as though we have the right to judge, when we don’t. In this day and age people are quick to see what others have and become dissatisfied with there own lives and what they have achieved, without the realisation that we are all completely different people and something’s in life are worth the wait.

My sister pointed out to me “our generation is one that requires instant results, we can message someone and have an instant reply, we can go to McDonalds and get an instant meal without even leaving the car, we can click a button on our phones and instantly have the top news from all around the world. We have never been taught how to wait, so we do not know the value of patience.

Patience is a virtue, meaning waiting without complaint, worry, and uneasiness. Anything worth having in life is worth waiting for. Everything you have in life is all you need in life, as soon as you need/ deserve more, more will be offered to you. Life is about the journey not the destination so stop looking out the train window at the lives of others and concentrate on where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Rianne xx

This is not your average rant…..#BlackLivesMatter


To be honest I’ve never really wanted to write this post and part of me still doesn’t BUT something needs to be said. I have seen a ridiculous amount of tweets, Tumblr and Intsagram post about #BlackLivesMatter and whilst I think its good to see people (especially black people) standing up for themselves. sure it raises awareness and shows we care but Is an instagram post going to change anything? and if it is? When are things going to change?

As I said before I didn’t want to write this post but it was only until today when I saw an ex NFL player was found guilty and I straight away thought ‘okay so they are making an example of him.’ In the same hour I watched a video of Eric Harris ( a Black male in America) being shot and when he said “Im loosing my breath” he was told by a police officer ‘’fuck your breath.’’ THE FACT this came from the lips of a man who has sworn to protect the citizens of that state is disgusting. Then It all clicked; why is it okay to use celebrities such as Chris brown as examples of what not to do, but not okay to make examples of every single police officer who does wrong. When are we going to start feeling protected by the ones who promise to protect us? When are we going to have to stop warning young black boys to look over their shoulders even when they are innocent? When are we going to be safe? Because I’m sick of hearing another innocent person has died, I’m sick of hearing another guilty police officer is found innocent but I am more sick of people complaining and not doing a single thing to change it, not protesting or campaigning. if everyone who tweeted about it donated to charities to save black lives dying all across the world, maybe black people would be in a different place. Because no amount of screaming and complaining on twitter, Tumblr and instagram is going to change a single thing but until we give a little, how can we expect anything back?

Rianne x

Racism in 2015


Disclaimer: Read my previous post, to fully understand this one. Also I’m only using black people as an example because I am black myself, this does not mean other races don’t do and say the same things.

As a black female I feel less equal because of my race than I do because I am a female. Although there is not actual legal reasons as to why I wouldn’t (such as pay). There are simply social reasons as to why I don’t feel equal. Being black you are taught you live a different ‘lifestyle’ to people of other races. “We act this way because we were treated that way” so on so forth.

Now when I say I feel less equal, I mean if as a black women sometimes it feels like we are at the bottom of the list, not saying this is true in all aspects in life but its true in some. For example black women are the least matched people on dating websites. Also a lot of men, (black men included), will say its because black women have an ‘attitude’ and are ‘bossy’ I don’t like those words, because if a white male was to act the same way it would be said he is assertive and has a strong demeanour. This is a case of when being a black women becomes socially difficult, as your actions can be perceived differently simply because of how you look. This isn’t just down to white people or Asian people this includes black people.

We are a race that has segregated ourselves because of assumptions of how we may be treated, before even giving a chance to be proven wrong. Too many black women and men, assume they are being hard done by because of their race. Although this is true a small percentage of the time, sometimes its simply because you are not the best person for the job.

Recently #BlackLivesMatter has become a very popular hashtag, after the recent deaths of unarmed black males who have been murdered by police officers. I read somewhere 76 unarmed people of colour have been killed by the police in the us since 1999. These people appallingly lost their lives and the question is we are told they were ‘unintended’ but were they a mistake?

But let me make this clear this does not give black people the right to be racist about all white people because at the end of the day #AllLivesMatter. Too many black people think it is okay to make racial comments on twitter and instagram, most of the time this is said about their own race. If you say a race specific insult to anyone of any race, its racist. Whether or not you are of that race. This is not to say white and Asian people don’t do the same thing. However my point is; treat people of other races how you want to be treated and treat people of the same race how you want to be treated, because at the end of the day, if you don’t respect your own race and culture, how can you get offended when others don’t.

Ree x

“I’m not a feminist” – female


“I’m not a feminist” – female

Disclaimer: this post is very controversial and I know some wont agree, but my blog is for my opinion. Hope you enjoy!

That statement has left the lips of some young women in the last few years. It has been ridiculed and laughed at by feminist who feels disgusted by the idea of women not supporting their own. But lets get right into it, why would a young women not want to be, or be labelled as a feminist. well to be honest being a feminist is seen as a negative thing by some ignorant people. Unfortunately some of those ignorant people have power and influence.

For many years I didn’t understand why there was so much hype about being a feminist and this was with the knowledge of what women in the past have done to get equal rights for women. I know.. I’m ashamed. But what we have to understand as mature human beings is, our experience is what sculpts us. Most young women of today don’t experience inequality because of their gender. This leads to them simply believing that there isn’t an inequality because of their gender but as we all know too well, OF COURSE THERE IS. For example men can get paid more than women do for doing the exact same job. That is simply disgusting and not fair. I am proud to say we were taught a lot about feminism and rights for women in at my all girls’ school in south London.

However, lets be completely honest, are men equal to women? In some situations I have to say this is a no. For example Women have been chosen over a men to take a job in a profession seen as more feminine such as teaching or nursing and men have been slowly descending out of the career, which before the 1960’s was a masculine career. Another example is until April 2014, only 13% of men where offered paid paternity leave. I know someone is going to say ‘because men don’t need time off’. To whomever the naïve person saying that is; let me just correct you! YES THEY DO! Not only for the sake of the baby but also for the sake of their wives. With up to 70% of women suffering from baby blues after giving birth, women NEED their support. Now this isn’t to say women need men. No. Women need support; in most cases this is their husband. You cannot be a hard-core feminist, seeking the equal rights for women, and completely dismiss the equal rights for men (in fewer situations of course). Point being it is VERY ignorant to say you are not a feminist as a women, without clear, researched and correct understanding of what a feminist is. With that being said; is there not a bigger battle not being faced? “The equality of all human beings despite their race, gender, religion and sexuality.”

I hope what is understood from this post is that being a feminist is a choice but there isn’t much thought to it. However being a feminist is more than just agreeing that women should be equal to men. It is about going out and gets that equality for yourself. We should be proud of the women who came before us and we should be trying to make the ones who come after us equally as proud. Thank you for reading.

Ree x

New year.. Same me….

Last year….well 2014 was an interesting year to say the least. I stared the year with this blog, and I seemed to think it was going to be a place of inspiration and passion, from now where. Well that didn’t work out so great, but I can say that it wasn’t such a disappointment. Firstly I want to say thank any and every one that read my blog last year, I reached just over an amazing 1,000 views and 200 followers. Secondly I learnt a lot, not just from this blog, from the whole year. I learnt not to put your dinner in the oven and ‘rest your eyes’ because you will fall asleep, it will burn, and the smoke alarm will go off. I have also learnt that if you want anything in this life you have to go out and get it.

I started this blog a year ago, and it was just to feed a passion I had for writing. Little did I know It would light a fire in my heart and I would decide to scrap psychology and study professional writing at degree level. Still waiting to see if that was a good idea. I must say, the last year was a year of trial and error. Basically to put in honest terms; I failed A LOT. In the end I must say I have found myself in a place I refer to as limbo, sort of drifting through, trying to figure out what I want and how to go out and get it. At first I thought that was a bad thing, but now I see it’s a part of life.

I cant say ‘new year new me’, because that wouldn’t be honest. Its more like ‘new year, same me, tryna figure out who I want to be?’ I don’t think I agree that people should change because it’s a new year, i think people should change because change is due whether that’s the 1st of January or the 9th of august. Anyway back to my point, I’m lost and its not a bad thing. I hope this post, even though its 19 days into the new year, reminds you all, that finding yourself is great but means nothing if you don’t know how it feels to really go out, and loose yourself. Thank you for reading.

Ree x

How can we be sat next to each other and still feel alone?

How can a generation about being social,

be so antisocial?

Watch snapchats all day

Go on tumblr all night

Check twitter for what others have to say

And Instagram for likes

Using filters and Photoshop to change you

But what are you trying to change into?

We are all becoming amazing actors

Faking who we are in 140 characters

So invested in a world where everything we say is taken out of context

Having arguments and debates about YouTube comments

But didn’t you know their just a troll, they do it on purpose

Communicating nowadays is practically wordless

5 hour Facetime calls and words are hardly spoken

Long distance relationships over skype, ending with hearts broken

Cyber bulling is causing suicide rates to rise

But once their dead, all that’s left is the mothers cry

We all have ups and downs, Tumblrs captures it all

The most bi-polar social networking site, how does it have you fooled?

YouTubers and Viners get paid to entertain

Making 6 second videos about stupidity but we relate

So that makes it okay?

Pictures don’t reflect how life actually goes?

And you broke up with him because he liked her videos?

I’m going to bring this to an end

By saying, don’t feel like you have to pretend

If everyone just looks up from their phones

We could actually be together, rather than being together but alone.

By Rianne Walters

Being a student


Being a student, isn’t as easy as it seems

we have the most amazing times..

But its not exactly your wildest dream

Fresher’s leaves you absolutely broke

Lectures are so boring it’s a joke

Being a student you have to know how to ball on a budget

Food is precious, don’t eat it all at once or waste it

Space is for the rich and we don’t get none

Privacy is out the window, so by force company is FUN!

Being a student you have to schedule well

So to all the hours of not doing anything in summer, say Farwell

Say hello to Lectures, work, gym and sleep

Consider, Tv, YouTube and twitter a treat

Being a student can be so awkward at times

Meeting new people and having to ‘socialise’

Everyone make friends in the first week they wont talk to after

But you will also experience, tears, smiles, anger and laughter

Being a student is expensive and nice stuff is hard to maintain

So say hello to cheap vodka and bye to champagne

Each night out you loose precious brain cells

Walking to lectures the next morning feeling unwell

Being a student is a little bit hard

But is the best experience ever so far

Rianne xx




They say

Be better

They say

Write something no ones ever thought of

Be the poet you Youwant to read

The poet who pushed boundaries

The poet who know’s the rules

But breaks them and uses it as a tool


need to think outside the box

But how can I? when I cant even recognise it

TRUE ART, is established when judgement knocks

But the more I read, the less of a grip of reality..

I have, and IM LOST

In a world, where to be really good there’s a cost

You have to be out of your mind

And may that be mentally ill due to the lack of time

Or drinking till you throw up

As long as you stop giving a fuck

And don’t have a clue about what’s real and fake

That’s when real writers, real artist are made!

….They say

Rianne xx


Is Ebola a genocide?

Ebola is starting to feel like the genocide we all don’t want to happen but has to happen for the world to continue. It is estimated that 22,000 people will be diagnosed with the disease by November. What I don’t understand is why the hell no one knows how to deal with it. How is it spreading from country to country so elegantly when the disease is the most inelegant thing I have ever heard of. It’s a monstrous thing that we are shamelessly loosing the battle of fighting. Only its funny how the government of these suffering countries are very much aware that the worlds resources are limited whilst the growth in population is seemingly becoming unlimited. The only way the human race will strive and survive is if at least a third of us die. Sounds sad but its true and you ask yourself what’s sadder knowing that most of us have to die for the rest of us to survive and well or the stories you hear on the news of mother watching their children die in their arms and the life drift out of their bodies. I mean its all rather sad but its all rather real and people seem to only give a shit once its in their country and they are at risk but had we tried to solve this a year ago when the outbreak struck in west Africa we might not be at risk.

Rianne xx